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Death’s clarification

Hi folks, I'm going to show you my method to make a card's meaning clear. If you lay down a card and don't realise immediately what it means in this case, or you realise that a card can have two or more meanings, you can use my clarification method. It's simple - you should add two cards to the central card. One of them means "it is not this" and the other one means "it is that". Basically, I place the first one on the left side of the card I need to clarify and the second on the right side. So, I get three cards set like on the picture. Look at the sample! It is a rapid assessment of profit which is expected from the purchase of a laundrette. "Is it worth it to buy it?" - asks my client. The central card is Death. It is Major Arcanum which represents the end. Typically, it tells us that something is finishing or must be finished. In general, this meaning is terrible, frustrating and upsetting for people. Therefore some tarologists prefer to consider Death in terms of ...

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The Hanged Man in relationship prediction

This picture with cards of Shadowscapes Tarot deck was the answer for my client's question "What will happen in my relationship?" She implied that she was waiting for her partner's decision whether they stay together or not. When I looked at the cards I saw immediately that he wouldn’t make a decision for the next three months. This was signalled to me by The Hanged Man (the central card). It was the most powerful card in the spread because it is one of the Major Arcana, it depicted the key outcome and influenced the other cards. The most significant meaning of the Hanged Man is stagnation, or a feeling of limbo, or total pause in life. Someone is feeling stuck or restricted in their life. Sometimes they feel themselves as victims of circumstances. The Hanged Man is the card of ultimate surrender. It’s time to hit the brakes and put things on hold. Pauses can be voluntary or involuntary: the world will do it for you if you don't do it for yourself. The card gives the ...

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